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Leaf Brands is bringing back the classic Astro Pop® rocket lollipop in its three flavors: passionfruit, cherry and pineapple, in the original formula and bringing a NEW spin on the classic favorite! Delicious, succulent flavors bursting from a hard candy shell. Made with 100% real fruit pieces, fruit juice and fruit flavors, it’s so yummy, you think you’re eating the real fruit! Flavorful chewy candy nuggets in all kinds of fruity flavors that’s so fun they’ll make you laugh!™ Indeed, the little bumpy, candy shell pieces with a nice, chewy texture, are a perfect candy to toss into your mouth any time you like. Leaf Brands has partnered with the inventor of the Jelly Belly, David Klein, to bring you David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™. It’s the first confectionary product of its kind: blending exotic cuisine and luxury candy.
Farts Candy™

Now shipping 1.25 oz single serve bags of Farts® Candy and 16 different bulk flavors.

Sour Farts® Candy winner of the the ‘Most Innovative Product of the year Award,’ 2014 -National Confectioners Association. Sweets and Snacks Expo, Chicago IL. 

Farts® Candy are chewy little poofs that are known for making children and adults laugh and smile. Farts® Candy comes in 16 tongue tantalizing flavors including Root Beer, Bubblegum, Cherry, Key Lime, pina colada, and many other exciting flavors.

Have you tried our Farts® yet?!?

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