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Leaf Brands is bringing back the classic Astro Pop® rocket lollipop in its three flavors: passionfruit, cherry and pineapple, in the original formula and bringing a NEW spin on the classic favorite! Delicious, succulent flavors bursting from a hard candy shell. Made with 100% real fruit pieces, fruit juice and fruit flavors, it’s so yummy, you think you’re eating the real fruit! Flavorful chewy candy nuggets in all kinds of fruity flavors that’s so fun they’ll make you laugh!™ Indeed, the little bumpy, candy shell pieces with a nice, chewy texture, are a perfect candy to toss into your mouth any time you like. Leaf Brands has partnered with the inventor of the Jelly Belly, David Klein, to bring you David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™. It’s the first confectionary product of its kind: blending exotic cuisine and luxury candy.
Walnettos® and Choclettos®

Leaf, the family that brought you candy classics such as Whoppers®, Jolly Rancher®, Milk Duds®, RainBlo Bubble Gum®, Heath Bar® and PayDay® are back in the candy business with a great line of amazing and innovative candy products. They have been appointed the exclusive distributor of the classic candies, Walnettos® and Chcolettos®, in new, consumer-friendly packaging. “We see such potential for both the brands in different packaging, making the product available to a larger customer base.” Says Ellia Kassoff, CEO of Leaf Brands™. “Our goal is to make the products accessible to customers, either at the movies, in a family pack or something to slip into your pocket. Walnettos® and Choclettos® are exceptional products, (and quite additive). We see both items becoming the top in their category very quickly with our added distribution channels and packaging choices.” Kassoff adds.

Walnettos®, the classic, chewy caramel-walnut candy that was launched in 1919 and its sibling brand, Choclettos®, a chocolate-caramel version, have been nostalgic favorites since the 1920s. Both brands were once two of the top candies purchased at movie theaters throughout the United States. People from that era associated the rich, distinctive, walnut caramel taste of Walnettos® with classic movies such as “Our Gang Comedies” and the Saturday Matinee Serials featuring Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges.

Walnettos® were re-popularized again between 1967 and 1973 from the NBC television show, “Laugh In.” Artie Johnson's character Tyrone used to try to "pick up" Ruth Buzzi's character Gladys on a park bench. His final line before being pummeled by her purse was "Would you like a Walnetto?"

Previously available only in bulk form through specialty candy shops, both Walnettos® and Choclettos® will now be available in two new sizes – a 3.2 oz bag, and a 7.5 oz bag for easier retailer sell-in and availability.

Orders of the new sizes can be placed through LEAF Brands, LLC, who will be exhibiting along with Walnettos and Choclettos at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, May 24 – 26, 2011.






Click here to download full-size Walnettos® and Choclettos® media kit banner.

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